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O&G Engineering and its founders are committed to domestic and professional audio engineering. The company was founded by two friends, music lovers and audiophiles. We started to contemplate in terms of one very powerful, but at the same time excessively accurate amplifier – an amplifier that will never overload, distort or by any other means infringe upon the reproduced art of music.
Several years later and after extensive work, the company’s first prototype was completed. It was a Reference Standard 2 000 W per channel monaural amplifier – later designated RS 2000 and also redesigned to allow 550 W per channel stereo operation.
We are currently working with a pre-amplifier, the SP 2 that is scheduled for release in the spring of 2011. It will be a piece of equipment of the same calibre as the RS 2000, hence a cost-no-object, fully discrete reference standard pre-amplifier for those music lovers who loves their treasured records to be reproduced rather than postprocessed.

About the founders of O&G Engineering

Mr Gustaf Orest has a background within the fields of electronics design and is currently employed by a consultant company. Besides electronics and audio engineering, he is running a small company, Roslagens Urmakeri, specializing in the refurbishment of mechanical wristwatches. Mr Orest got his formal education in engineering physics at the University of Uppsala, where he completed his Masters thesis under the direction of Nobel Prize Laureate professor Kai M. Siegbahn. Mr Jonas Granlund has a background in the mechanical fields with a Bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. He started his career with development of elevators and conveyor systems. Eleven years ago he started to work as a consultant within business application development and has been running his own consultancy company for the past five years.

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