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The power amplifier RS2000 from O&G Engineering was born from the vision not only to create a very powerful amplifier, but also to raise the bar for contemporary, solid state power amplifier design by combining ultra high output power and vanishingly low levels of colouration to the sound (i.e. audio signal). Too many audio systems are driven into clipping – with a pair of RS2000, there will always be power to spare. The RS2000 was primarily designed to operate as a 2 000 W into 8 ohms load mono amplifier, but may be configured as a 550 W per channel stereo amplifier, by means of a toggle switch on the rear panel.

Thanks to the enormous output power available and the unsurpassed linearity, the sound is crystal clear with virtually unlimited dynamic range. Everything from the lightest shading to the loudest crescendo will be accurately reproduced without strain or any signs of harshness. Sustained listening sessions are a pleasure when a first class speaker setup is partnered with a pair of RS2000 power amplifiers.

2 000 W RMS (8 ohms) in mono mode or 550 W RMS (8 ohms) per channel in stereo mode
Ultra low distortion, <0,001% at 1 kHz
Clipping and error indicators on front panel
XLR (balanced) and RCA (single ended) inputs
Linear power supply comprising two custom built 1,2 kVA torodial transformers

The RS2000 comprises a fully balanced, discrete class A input amplifier and a fully discrete power amplifier section. A DC-servo keeps offset at the output to negligible levels.

The four proprietary, discrete operational amplifiers in the input amplifier excel in every aspect of performance; having ultra low noise and distortion, wide bandwidth and a 48 volts peak-to-peak output. These operational amplifiers will only operate in its most linear area and far from clipping even if the RS2000 is driven into clipping.

The power amplifier section is a multistage design with all stages except for the output complement operating in class A.

The output complement employs no less than twelve high power, bipolar Sanken-transistors per channel.

The case is built from heavy duty aluminium alloy parts with a 20 mm front panel; machined using an advanced five axle CNC mill. Large heatsinks will keep temperature to a moderate level even when the RS2000 is driven hard for sustained periods of time.

RS2000 Brochure
Technical specifications

Output power:
Stereo mode:
550 W into 8 ohms
1 000 W into 4 ohms
1 800 W into 2 ohms

Mono (i.e. bridged mode):
2 000 W into 8 ohms
3 600 W into 4 ohms

Frequency response:
0,1 Hz ~ 250 kHz (-3dB)

Voltage gain:
+29dB (x28,3)

Input sensitivity for 500 W RMS into 8 ohms:
2,25V RMS

Output impedance:
0,001 ohms at 1 kHz

Input impedance:
RCA input: 10 kohms
XLR input: 20 kohms
100 V/µs

Harmonic distortion (THD):
<0,01% at 400 W into 8 ohms, 0,1 Hz ~20 kHz

Intermodulation distortion (TIM):
<0,01% at 400 W into 8 ohms, 19kHz + 20 kHz

Mains voltage:
230 VAC or 115 VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz (voltage factory set by internal jumpers)

Line level inputs: XLR and RCA
Speaker output: Two pairs of binding posts per channel
Mains inlet: IEC type

Weight and dimensions:
428 mm x 250 mm x 600 mm (WxHxL)
48 kg

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